The Concordia University Center in Irvine, CA is known as the jewel of the school. Pew seating for 500 and dramatic architecture give it a contemporary yet cathedral-like ambiance. A very attractive couple of Korean descent managed to fuse Western and Korean traditions into a spectacular wedding ceremony and reception at this Orange County venue. The ability to capture close-up footage of the bride’s facial expressions (without being obtrusive) is impossible without a smartly placed secondary camera. Let’s just say Vivian’s waterproof mascara was amazing. The words of the pastor and their spoken vows were exceptionally beautiful and drove everyone to tears. Rumor has it that even one of the “emotionally disconnected” videographers was also in tears.  At this time, we cannot confirm nor deny that statement.

The reception started with the traditional Korean Paebaek ceremony. In short, it symbolizes the joining of two families and it’s quite fascinating to watch. It was followed by a night of awesome entertainment and fabulous dining. We sincerely thank Vivian & Tim for allowing us to be part of their incredible wedding.