A Demo of Our Work

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    Captain Morgan Tour Event – Corporate Video

    Over 150 guests joined DIAGEO onboard the Ambassador Yacht in Newport Beach, California. They met Captain Morgan, enjoyed cocktails, dinner, dancing, and spoke freely about their relationship with DIAGEO. Video captured by OC Videography. Edited by DeMille Sias of orangecountyvideography.com "Cake By The Ocean" performed by DNCE. Song rights belong to the owners of "Cake By The Ocean" No copyright infringement intended.

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    OCDA Victims’ Rights

    We (OC Videography) were hired by the Orange County District Attorney's Office for their Victims Rights March & Rally. It's a beautiful event. I was honored and privileged. Too many victims of senseless crimes that have no voice. The challenge was to capture 4 hours of non-stop footage - and edit it down to a 3 minute film. Starting at the D.A.'s office, following the marching crowd to the county court house for the ceremony. I needed to capture the essence of the event, yet find a way to convey the positive spirit of those who are still fighting for all of the victims and survivors. As with any positive event, there were very loud, and very visible protestors everywhere. Over 90% of the footage I captured has protestors purposely making sure they were caught by my camera. As one man... with one camera... on April 11, 2014 - I'm very proud to present The 2014 OCDA Victims Rights March & Rally...

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    Quinceanera of Sariah Acevedo

    Fiesta Hall in Whittier provided the classic setting for the ultimate celebration! We had an amazing time at the Quinceanera of Sariah Acevedo! This beautiful and very talented young lady was accompanied by her honored court, friends, and her very loving family. It was our great privilege and pleasure to be part of Sariah's incredible day!

Dance Recitals & Musicals

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    Newport Dance Theatre

    We always look forward to filming the annual recital for Newport Dance Theater at the Robert B. Moore Theater. It's a beautiful venue located at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. The studio owners, Kimberly Davis and Taryn Chavez, put so much heart and soul into their work that it's more like watching a family performing rather than your every day dance school students.

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    Nutcracker Highlights

    Bill Medley Auditorium, Santa Ana, California. For an exceptional experience, contact: The Academy of International Dance via aidancecrew.org

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    The King and I

    Anaheim High School's APAC (Anaheim Performing Arts Conservatory) performed "The King and I" in January 2016. It was the first time AHS incorporated younger students into its annual musical along with APAC. A must see! Available on DVD in March 2016. Just e-mail demillesias@gmail.com or submit an inquiry through orangecountyvideography.com

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    The Beatles “Ticket To Ride” Promo

    At the Blue Moon Theatre in Whittier, California, we were so fortunate to film this amazing concert by one of the best Beatles cover bands ever! You simply must see it to believe it!

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    One of the best local performances around is the Spring Concert by Arreis. The Newport Harbor High School dance team, under the direction of Julie Simmons, is an advanced group of dancers performing teacher and student choreography for one of the most entertaining yearly shows in Newport Beach.

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    The All-American Boys Chorus (featuring Zack Zumbek)

    Zack Zumbek / "Somewhere Only We Know" / July 13, 2012 / DVD is still available

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    TAABC Summer Concert July 13, 2012 / Newport Beach, Ca

    Amazing Voices / TAABC / July 13, 2012 / Newport Beach, Ca / DVD is still available / Just send us an inquiry


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    Bar Mitzvah Party Highlights of Matthew D

    Bar Mitzvah Party Highlights of Matthew D

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    The Bat Mitzvah of Hali Baron

    We were honored to capture Hali's unforgettable Bat Mitzvah Ceremony at Congregation Shir Ha-Ma'alot in Irvine. The after party certainly was one of the most spectacular events ever held at Celebrations Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa. We'd like to thank Hali's parents for allowing us to be part of her incredible day!

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    Bar Mitzvah of Braden Goldman

    A wonderful Bar Mitzvah starting at the magnificent Shir Ha-Ma' alot in Irvine, California. Braden read from the Torah beautifully. His parents were bursting with pride. The day continued with an unforgettable after party at the very elegant Pacific Club also located in Irvine. What a blast! It was our privilege and honor to be part of Braden's incredible day!

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    Bat Mitzvah of Cerise Cornman

    An absolutely beautiful ceremony at Temple Bat Yahm in Newport Beach! Cerise was incredibly, warm, friendly & gracious. Her parents were a pure delight, and you won't find a more likeable couple. The after party took place at the Hyatt Regency. The planning, decor & attention to details were remarkable. The guests had an amazing blast as they danced and celebrated late into the evening. We can't thank Cerise and her family enough for allowing us to capture their incredible day!

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    Every Girl Needs To Hear These Words From Her Father

    During the extraordinary Bat Mitzvah of Arianna Neimark - we had the extreme privilege of capturing one of the most powerful, genuine, and heartfelt moments ever recorded! We would LOVE to capture your incredible day! Please contact us via https://orangecountyvideography.com/

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    The Bar Mitzvah of Griffin Levine

    Another beautiful ceremony at Congregation Shir Ha-Ma' alot in Irvine. Griffin could not have been more impressive and his family was bursting with pride. In addition to his flawless academic performances, he also treated everyone to an amazing violin solo. The after party was held at the Mission Viejo Country Club.

Photo & Video Montage


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    Better Meme’s by DeMille

    Let DeMille take your concept and really get your point across. Whether you'd like to remain anonymous or ensure that your name appears as well - look no further. Want a Better Meme by DeMille? Please let us know.


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    Kathleen & Arron

    We were extremely fortunate to capture the amazing wedding of Kathleen & Arron at The Heritage Museum of Orange County. Our bride & groom could not have been more gracious. Their families were also incredibly warm & thoughtful. The Heritage Museum is an incredibly beautiful place to get married. Kathleen & Arron - Thank you both so much for allowing us to part of your incredible day! Please visit the Heritage Museum of Orange County: http://heritagemuseumoc.org/visit-us/the-kellogg-house/ It's a great place to get married!

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    Kelly & Georgis

    Kelly & Georgis chose the iconic Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church for their spectacular ceremony in Long Beach, California! Seated right next to the church is the immaculate Betty Reckas Cultural Center. It was the perfect choice for their epic reception! Thank you Kelly & Georgis! It was our absolute pleasure!

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    Beatriz & Dan

    It was our great privilege and pleasure to capture the phenomenal wedding of Beatriz & Dan in Newport Beach! It was followed by an epic reception at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach. Beatriz & Dan - Thank you both very much for allowing us to be part of your incredible day!

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    Tracey & Candice

    The setting was an immaculate estate in San Juan Capistrano. The planning and design of the event was remarkable. Every single detail of the decor was absolutely gorgeous! And you won't find a more likeable couple. Loving, caring, intelligent, interesting, and as funny as can be! Tracey & Candice - Thank you both for allowing us to be part of your incredibly beautiful day!

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    Sogol & Mike

    Congratulations Sogol & Mike! It truly was our privilege & pleasure to capture your spectacular wedding! Such an incredibly beautiful fusion of Western & Persian delights. And such an incredibly gorgeous & classy couple!

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    Anastasia & Donald

    An absolutely beautiful Greek wedding ceremony in Long Beach, followed by an amazing reception at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. Congratulations Anastasia & Donald! We were honored to be part of your incredible day!

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    The Bride Prepares

    At home, in a very casual, relaxed setting, Jenna prepared for her amazing wedding at Talega Golf Course in San Clemente, California. As her stylist worked, the girls from her bridal party did their best to keep her relaxed and entertained.

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    Emily & Jason

    We were quite thrilled by the unique opportunity to film an entire wedding & reception onboard the enchanting Athena Yacht as it sailed through the unparalleled beauty of Newport Harbor. Blessed by perfect Orange County weather, the ceremony was beautiful and filled with unplanned moments of genuine laughter and tears.

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    Vivian & Tim

    The Concordia University Center in Irvine, CA is known as the jewel of the school. Pew seating for 500 and dramatic architecture give it a contemporary yet cathedral-like ambiance. A very attractive couple of Korean descent managed to fuse Western and Korean traditions into a spectacular wedding ceremony and reception at this Orange County venue.

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    Emily & Phillip

    We were thrilled to capture the amazing wedding of Emily & Phillip in San Juan Capistrano. The day started with an unforgettable bride prep in Capo Beach. The elegance and decor of the venue was stunning. They were incredibly gracious, and a blast to work with! Emily & Phillip - Thank you both so much for allowing us to be part of your spectacular wedding!


Any wedding or mitzvah ceremony is $395.

The reception or after party is $495 (up to 4 hours).

Additional charges apply if you’d like us to capture activities more than one hour prior to the start of your event, including (but not limited to) “bride prep,” or “first look.” Blu-ray format is only $10 extra. Highlight clips (e-mailed to you) are also extra. Your quote will be based on the projected amount of our labor hours, services to be provided & travel required.

All other events are negotiable.

You will receive your entire ceremony (not just a highlight reel). We also stay to capture some of the socializing and brief activity after the ceremony. When we capture your reception, we always includes all of the beautiful, traditional moments as well as those unplanned, unexpected, priceless moments that usually go unnoticed by most videographers. We always give you more than you expect. Always in good taste, of course.

Dance recitals, plays, musicals, theatre events, etc… have a different payment arrangement. Normally, order forms are created and distributed to individuals for purchasing video copies of the performance.

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